Thursday, October 8, 2009


Is it ever possible to let them go? To totally be on their own? I really don't think so. Not only is it hard for mom to see them go and not want to run right after them "just to make sure" everything is ok, I think it's hard for the child to leave that security too. They want to make sure Mom (and Dad too) are still there "just in case".

Yeah, I thought it would be easier when John went off to live by himself, go to college and get a job. I was wrong. Now I have to wonder if he's getting up on time, getting to class on time, getting homework done, getting to work on time, getting enough rest/sleep, eating right......... UGH! Thank goodness for cell phones and texting otherwise I think I might go nuts! Physican and insurance issues have been a hassle too. Something I hadn't thought about either. John hasn't had the best time since he left a week and a half ago to start college. He had his wisdom teeth (all 4) out on the 18th of Sept. School started on the 28th. Seemed like enough time for recovery. Two days after he got to school one of the extraction holes got infected. We had to find an Oral Surgeon for him to go see. Thankfully the Oral Surgeon here called around and got him an appointment near his town. Got him some antibiotics and pain pills. Had to fax insurance info to the pharmacy. Thought we were on the road to recovery. Not so..... On Thursday he started feeling sick, was better over the weekend, but this week he REALLY felt bad. Went to urgent care only to be told he might have appendicitis! So again, I'm faxing and calling in insurance info to the hospital. He went through a mess of tests. Turns out to be a viral infection. Thank goodness....... I guess. More pills and lots of rest. All this in a week and a half! He's ready to throw in the towel and come back home. The mommy in me says "Yes! Come home and I'll take care of you!" The rational side says "It's only been a week and a half. Come on........ give it more time. You can do it!" Still, it's soooooooo hard. What's that saying? A mom holds her child with her hand for a little while, but with her heart for eternity. Or something to that effect. So true.

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