Friday, September 25, 2009

Indian Summer

Oh it's been absolutely GORGEOUS these last few weeks. The first day of fall was just a couple of days ago, but you'd never know from the weather we've been having. Highs in the upper 80's to 90's. Nothing but blue skies and sunshine. Mornings have been quite chilly. We've had 30° the last few mornings, but it's still beautiful. That's been the only indication that Fall is definitely on its way.

We do have about 20 acres of 4th cutting alfalfa on the ground waiting to be baled up. Rich is going to try to get it up by Sunday. We haven't been haying this late in the year with this good of weather for a while. It's nice.

John has moved off to college........... well, sort of. His classes don't start until Monday the 28th. He cleared out his bedroom on Wednesday and took all of his stuff to his apartment. He will be back today, Friday, to watch the High School Football game. He'll probably go back to his apartment on Sunday. Then, who knows when we'll see him again. I'm expecting it'll be when he runs out of cash......... which could be quickly.

Speaking of football, Rich is coaching the high school JV team this year and coaching the wide receivers on the Varsity team. Tim is playing on the JV team mainly but has suited up for 1 varsity game so far and is suiting up again tonight. He actually got in on about 10 plays in last weeks Varsity game! He's having a lot of fun.

Rich has been quite busy these last couple of months. Trying to get the haying done and keep up with football practices and games. As soon as this last cutting of hay is in the stack things should calm down a bit. All we'll have to keep up with is Tim's sports then. Only one child to follow around this year. Only bad thing is, Rich now rides the team bus and I'm left to beg rides from other parents or drive myself. Not really liking that. But Rich does seem to be having a good time coaching and that's very good.

That's all for now. Enjoy the wonderful weather for now because next week Fall comes in with a vengance.

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