Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winter Blahs.......

Do I always have to have a Title for each blog? It's really hard sometimes to come up with one. Well, anyway.

Another day of fog. I should've posted yesterday! I actually saw blue sky and possibly some sunshine! But, I'm not really sure. It's been so gray outside lately (almost every day) that I really don't pay much attention to what it looks like out my window. But yesterday, at about 4:00, as I'm thinking...."I get to go home in 1/2 an hour"..... I happened to look out my window and low and behold............ BLUE SKY!!! This is why I'm not sure if I really saw sunshine or not. It was 4:00 and the sun had already started retreating to the west. It was kind of bright out so I'm assuming it was sunny. At least for a while. Maybe.

Back to the fog today though. Darn! Wish I would've paid more attention yesterday.

Now I understand the winter blahs though. So much Gray, so much fog........ I'm almost hoping for spring. I would like to see some more snow though before winter goes away. You know, one of those Beautiful winter days where the blue sky and sunshine reflect off of the soft pretty white fluffy snow. One can only hope. No more of this wet, sloppy, gray, foggy stuff.......please.

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