Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Midsummer Day's Reality

Second Cutting started coming down today! Wow, summer is half over, well, according to Tim anyway. "And we still haven't done anything fun" he says. Flying to the other side of the country, 2 football camps, and a baseball championship don't count I guess.

Rich and Tim got the smaller, more efficient, loader put back together and running again last night after waiting what seemed like eons for parts to arrive. Too bad it wasn't in time to load the 2 trucks that came in yesterday afternoon. But it will be ready for the next one!

John has parked his awesome cherry red "Clifford The Big Red Truck". Too many transmission problems. It's all because of the big tires and has NOTHING to do with the way he drives. Or so he says. He is now driving a 1980 VW Rabbit that he was given by my nephew. It's nothing to right home about, but it runs. That's the most important aspect of this car. It does get much better fuel milage. It's a diesel. He has made some "modifications" to it. Some too scary to mention. He's 6'2" and has to kind of fold himself up to get in, but........... it runs. He's just hoping he doesn't have to take it to school in September. We'll see............

Monday Tim and I leave for Pendleton for the 14 year old Babe Ruth All-Star State Championship Tournament. We'll be there all week. It's gonna be HOT! It will be fun though. Another "vacation"!!!! I would like to maybe go to the beach sometime though. Somewhere that doesn't have a tour guide cracking his whip or that we have to be at a certain place exactly 1 hour before game time. Maybe later this summer.

The cows have been quite well behaved so far this summer.......... oh, except for Monday morning. They decided the single wire "gate" wasn't good enough to hold them in and made their escape. Rich put them back in and so far, they've stayed put. I suppose the grass (or in this case-alfalfa) was greener on the other side.

John is still working for the county trying desperately to save money. It's difficult when there are so many toys you can buy these days. He just got a call on an apartment that's available in Pendleton so now he has something tangeable to save for. RENT!!

So............. summer goes on. Hot, dry and windy. Until next time...................

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