Monday, June 29, 2009

Busy, busy, busy........

Made it to DC and back. What a wonderful, whirlwind of a trip! Tim and I had a great time. Saw LOTS of history, learned a lot, walked a lot and decided that there's no place like the Pacific Northwest to call home! I don't know how the people live there with that humidity. You could be dripping just standing still.

Rich and Tim survived Football camp in Spokane. John and I held down the farm while they were gone. John moved irrigation and I fed steers. It's nice to have them back home. They had a great time too. Tim was the only Freshman that went to camp this year. He said they all made him feel like part of the team. It was a good experience for him. Both of them said the food was the best part!

This week is back to some what "normal". Back into the hay business. First cutting got off to a rough start. Plugged up swathers and balers, broken baler, rain storm.... Finally got it finished and stacked. Ready to be hauled out. 4 hay trucks coming in this week. One today, one tomorrow, and 2 on Friday! It's good to see it going out. Makes room for 2nd cutting.

This week is also the start Football weight lifting for Tim as well as the beginning of Babe Ruth All-Star team practice. There is another boy from here that made the team so we get to carpool this year! Practice is in The Dalles at least 3 days a week if not every day from 7-8:30 pm.

Next week Tim is attending an Offense - Defense Football Camp at Reed College in Portland. They actually have Pro-Football players in attendance and it is led by Pro coaches. It should be fun and very beneficial for him. I will miss him again. We take him down on Sunday and pick him up on Thursday.

It will be back to baseball practice when he gets back. By then Rich will probably be ready to cut hay again.

John has a full time job this summer working for the county Public Works/Road Dept. He's supposed to be saving the money to pay rent for his apartment when he goes to college this fall.

Babe Ruth All Star State Tournament is in Pendleton, OR this year! Hopefully John will have his apartment by then and we can stay there! I can also be getting it ready for John to move in when school starts in September! That tournament starts July 20 and runs through the 25th.

I know there's more to look forward to this summer. More football stuff as well as the county fair. I'll save that for another post. Have a great week!

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