Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yup.... It's spring.

Rich started the irrigation on Monday. Wind has been blowing hard ever since. I think we watered the road more than the wheat! The boys now have something to do every morning and afternoon........... moving hand line. They're so excited! Yeah, right. Oh, and we had our mini heat wave. High 90's over the weekend and now we're back into the low 60's. Still won't plant any flowers yet. I'm sure we haven't had our last freeze of the year yet. Spent the whole weekend on the road. Tim played in a basketball tournament in Yakima Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and John was at State High School Basketball playoffs in Wenatchee on Saturday. Rich went to Wenatchee and I drove back and forth to Yakima. It was a good weekend, just hot!

High School baseball is over. On to Football. Spring practice starts in a few weeks. Just getting into the meat of Babe Ruth baseball. Had a game last night. Our boys won. It was a good game. Babe Ruth goes through June so we've got a while to go with that.

Memorial Day weekend is coming up this weekend. No real plans. We've been invited to camp with Rich's mom and brother. Might go visit them for a day. We've also been invited to a picnic with Rich's Aunt and Uncles at his Aunt's house on Sunday. Might go to that. We don't really know what we're doing. The only thing we know for sure is Rich will be moving water!

Have a great day and a wonderful Memorial Day!

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