Monday, May 12, 2008

Wow! Been a few days. Well things are going........ Weather is still wierd. Still cold in the mornings. Getting warmer. Mid week is showing 90's!

The trees are really starting to bud out now. My lilacs are getting more and more buds on them all the time. I'm just hoping they have a chance to bloom and we don't get a major freeze in the next few weeks. I look at all the pretty flowers in the stores and want to get out and get some planted, but I know that if I did, we would get a killing frost and they would all be gone! I just need to be more patient. I look at all the pretty trees and flowers blooming down on the river and long to see them at our house, but it's just a different world up here! We're like 2-3 weeks behind.

The cows have decided that the grass is definitely greener on the other side of the fence. They have escaped their little pasture 6 times in the last 2 weeks! Now that they have had a taste of the sweet new grass in the fields, THAT'S where they think they need to be. They do go back to their designated area pretty easily still. They must wait until the grass has been harvested for hay before they can have the run of that field. NAUGHTY COWS!

Hay truck was coming up the driveway at 5:30 this morning. Rich was ready for it. Sure is hard to go back to sleep with a loader running right outside the windows and you only have another 1/2 hour to sleep anyway.

Got the boys up and off to school. Thought Tim was gonna miss the bus. It's like he has no concept of time! Is this a common 13 year old trait? I'm thinking yes. He went out to feed the 4-H steers at 7:10, had to tie up the dog and be out to catch the bus by 7:15. Thankfully the bus was late and didn't show up until 7:25 because he didn't make it out to the bus until 7:20! Kids! And people wonder why moms are stressed!!! It's because they have teenagers!

My kitchen is FINALLY getting done........ Maybe. The lower cabinets are in. The counter is being installed today. Was supposed to be Saturday, but the counter guy almost cut his thumb off while making the final cut on the back splash Friday night! YIKES! He's ok and is at the house today. I'm hoping that Rich has enough motivation to install the sink and dishwasher today too. Then it's on to installing the upper cabinets so I can get all of my dishes off of the dining room table!

No baseball today! I'm thinking I can actually cook a proper supper! Pork chops, potatoes and peas sound good.

OH! There is a nest of mice that have decided to take up residence in my stove. More precisely, under the oven. I baked some cupcakes Saturday night and the heat from the oven must have warmed them up and woke them up! They peeped and chirped all night long then. Also sounded like the mother was trying to tear apart the whole unit. Scratching and chewing all night. My guess is she was ripping out insulation to make more nest. Gonna have to get some more bait! I think they're coming in from the hay stacks. Rich has really been disturbing their homes among the bales for the last few weeks in order to feed the cows. Yes, the same cows that seem to think they're starved to death! Anyway, I didn't hear the mice last night so either the mother decided that the oven wasn't a proper place to raise young'uns or they didn't wake up because I didn't turn the oven on. It was a peaceful sleep last night. Aaaaahhhhhhh..................

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