Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Winter Blahs..........

It's been eons ago since I last posted. Sorry. Yeah, yeah. I know. Just 'cause it's winter doesn't mean life on the farm comes to a screeching halt. There's still cows to be fed, snow to be shoveled..... er... pushed, hay trucks to be pulled (out of the mud post loading). That actually only happened once this winter. My oldest son, the all knowing 17 year old, spent most of his winter pulling his friends out of snowy, muddy ditches. Seems he's the only one for miles around with a 4-wheel drive truck. Or maybe it's because they don't want to call their parents. ??? Not that he minded at all. Nothing like giving the teenage ego a boost! His shiny bright red truck however, has been in a perpetual state of mud covered-ness. Teenage boys, what are ya gonna do? Today we're finally getting some sunshine. After 2 1/2 months of temperatures in the teens to mid 20's, 40° feels like a heatwave! Sure looks pretty out there. Calving started at the first of February too. Out of 17 cows, we have 3 left to calve. I'm such a horrible farm wife! I've only been out to the pasture once and that was right after the first baby was born! Shame on me! I might get out there today..... since it's nice and sunny. Ok, so I'm a fair weather farmer's wife. Shoot me. I did finally get a new pair of barn boots though!! My first pair of my VERY OWN!!! But, alas........ they've still got that "new boot" smell. Barely out of the box. Someday.......... (sigh.......) Ok. So the boys basketball season's have ended.. albeit badly. High school won one game and my younger son's middle school team won 4 out of 8. Thank goodness that's over. On to baseball!!! We'll see how that works out. Baseball season means spring is right around the corner........ after sitting through the first half of the season all bundled up like we're Nanook of the North. The second half of the season we break out the sunscreen! Watch out for those metal bleachers!!!

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