Monday, April 28, 2008

Aaahhh sunshine.........

For a couple of days anyway.

Actually got a bit of a tan line on my arms. Went from watching Babe Ruth baseball Thursday and Friday nights in 35° to watching High School Baseball on Saturday in 73°!

Today has been nice.... or what I've seen of it. Haven't been outside since 7:15 this morning when I went from the house to the car to go to work. Sun is shining, sky is clear and blue, but the wind is blowing - typical spring in the Columbia River Gorge.

Hay truck came in at 6:00 again this morning. Gotta get last years crop out of the barn so we can start on the 2008 crop! Hubby and the driver were done with the first trailer and just starting on the 2nd when I left.

Off to another baseball game tonight - Babe Ruth. Tomorrow is another one - Babe Ruth, but it is at home for a change! This traveling stuff is getting quite expensive what with the price of gas and all! Sheesh!

Better sign off...... Gotta go pay my property taxes!

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